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The SME landscape is littered with statistics around business failure that could have been avoided if their owners had sought help earlier.

Whilst Turnaround and Restructuring was previously not a viable option for many SME businesses, the Federal Government legislated changes to insolvency laws in January 2021, that now provides a viable turnaround and restructuring regime for SME businesses.

SME Turnaround is powered by Rodgers Reidy and TBA Solutions and can help you to hone in on the areas of your business that need attention, and then provide you with a plan for recovery, turnaround and restructuring if required.

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What is Turnaround?

The goal of the business turnaround is to improve the finances of a business and restore..

What is Restructuring?

The term ‘restructuring’ refers to a range of formal insolvency processes aimed at helping businesses..

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Not all businesses can be assisted by a turnaround process...


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